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Professional Guitar and Fretted Instrument Repairs Would you believe that this one owner 1976 Ibanez Korina Destroyer  has been 4 different colours over its life?  It started out as a clearcoat woodgrain, then over ensuing lives was silver, black and when it came  to me - hot orange pink!  The post original paint jobs were sprayed  over the top of each other and with all the parts in situ - so  there  was a lot of cleaning up required to bring this beauty back to its  original granduer and using as many of the original parts as possible.  The end result was really something!
This 1960’s vintage Guild Starfire was in need of some love and attention to give her a re-fresh without losing any of her vintage charm.    She needed a refret, the neck required refinishing and the rest of the guitar  received a clean up and polish
The beauty queen lives on…