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Professional Guitar and Fretted Instrument Repairs
My   history    in   guitar   repair   started   at   age   14   when   I   got   my   very   first Korean made plywood electric guitar. That   guitar   sure   looked   good   enough   for   me   to   buy   at   the   time, however   as   I   began   jamming      with   other   guitarists   I   noticed   how   thick the neck on my guitar was compared to other guitars. That   started   me   thinking   -   maybe   I   could   sand   a   bit   off   this   neck   and make it fit my hand better.  So I did, I   also   changed   the   colour   of   the   guitar   and   customized   the   body   and headstock. Over   the   years   I   bought   better   guitars,   but   always   had   to   pull   them apart and see if I could improve them. Later   on   I   started   playiing   bass   guitar   as   bass   guitarists   were   always in short supply.   Here is a photo of me in action circa 1975. I   started   playing   in   bands   in   Darwin   -   mostly   three   piece   bands   with   a singer.      We   played   cover   versions   ranging   from   Black   Sabbath   to versions of Tom Jones songs at many and varied venues. We   had   problems   in   those   days   -   booked   as   a   band   three   nights   a week   we   had   no   transport,   so   most   of   the   time   we   had   to   carry   the gear   on   our   shoulders   to   gigs      and   rehearsal,   taking   multiple   trips   to get the gear there. I   started   playing   guitar,   bass   and   drums   in   1974   and   carried   on mainly playing bass in working bands for the next 25 years. In    those    days    if    you    wanted    your    guitar    fixed    you    had    to    do    it yourself, so I did. I   moved   from   Darwin   in   1976   to   sunny   Queensland   and   continued writing   songs,   singing,   playing   guitar,   bass   and   drums   while   doing various    day    jobs    until    starting    my    apprenticeship    doing    in    metal fabrication in an engineering works in 1977. After   completing   my   apprenticeship   in   1981,   I   worked   at   different   day jobs to support my music gear habit and to keep me playing at nights. I   started   doing   guitar   repairs   for   friends   and   other   band   members until a friend asked if I would do repairs for the local music shop. I started doing guitar repairs as a full time business  in 1989. We got Fender Australia authorization to do warranty repairs in 1993. We   also   have   warranty   repair   Authorization      for   many   other   guitar brands   for   example   -   Ibanez,   Jackson,   Maton,   Gretsch,   Guild   and Ovation. Many   people   ask   if   we   build   guitars.   Yes   we   do,   as   well   as   make custom   parts,   custom   bodies   and   necks   -   through   to      restoration, rebuilds as well as general repairs. We strive for customer satisfaction and a fast turn around on repairs.   Most   parts   are   on   hand   or   readily   available   and   our   workmanship   is guaranteed. Please don't hesitate to call or email for a quote.
Please ring, or email for a Guitar repair appointment. Business hours Monday to Friday 9:15am to 6:00pm
Guitar-Repairs.com.au This pile of old frets is the many re-fret  jobs done by us over the years until 2017.    So far we have  8.3 kg of old frets.  How many re-frets do you think that might be? AUTHORISED REPAIRER  FENDER CHARVEL MATON IBANEZ JACKSON GRETSCH GUILD OVATION Young Mick in Darwin 1970's Davidís project The Team Mick
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